Friday, December 27, 2019


I suppose Bad Man Theory is just the flip side of Great Man Theory. Without the existence of One Horrible Man things would be very different. Donald Trump has altered history!

And, yes, sure that Donald Trump is president has altered history, but that's more about a few hundred thousand votes in the wrong places than Donald Trump. It isn't just him. President Rubio would be better in some ways and worse in many others, and the conservative movement/Republican party they preside over would be much the same. Some bad acts are uniquely Trump, and there are the tweets, but he didn't make Republicans what they are. Republicans made him their leader! And they stand with him. I don't just mean because they fail to pull some noble West Wing bullshit, I mean they *really stand with him*. Why wouldn't they?

That people forget how bad Bush was - and not just Bush, but the entire conservative/Republican/media apparatus that surrounded him - makes me mad. Bush, too, was a very bad man who was completely unqualified to be president. Two Very Bad Stupid Republican Men in a row! Both surrounded by illustrious members of the conservative movement past and present. People we were reassured were very fine people. And were monsters.

"OOh..Dick Cheney just oozes credibility..." - said an objectitudinal journalist.