Wednesday, December 11, 2019

We Love Israel - Now Go There!

Jews are the most reliable Democratic voting bloc after African-Americans in this country and while in general American Jewish views about Israel can be complicated and varied, the left of center view does not really mirror the right wing one which is, as with many thing, the dominant view as portrayed in our media. Not just about Israel the country per se, but about the individual and group Jewish-American relationship with that country more generally. I'm not going to speak for The Jews, but I will speak about the right wing conservative view of Israel by nonjews. The religious and nonreligious conservative views aren't so different. The former leans more towards "go back to Israel, so Jesus can come and kill you all." The latter is more "go to Israel and have a lovely ethnonationalist state and then we can do the same here, once everybody "nonwhite" goes back to wherever the hell they should go back to."

I do not think these views are good for The Jews or for anyone.