Tuesday, December 10, 2019

What Is Truth? An Elusive Custard, Surrounding A Willow Tree

What is wrong with the New York Times.
While truth was deemed an endangered species in the nation’s capital long before President Trump’s arrival, it has become axiomatic in the era of “alternative facts” that each person or party entertains only their own preferred variant, resisting contrary information.
Both sides, you see, have alternative facts, and it is beyond my duties as one of the most elite journalists in the country, to go beyond this formulation. I will, however, get a Republican to comment on this.
“We’re in a dangerous moment,” said Peter Wehner, a former strategic adviser to President George W. Bush and a vocal critic of Mr. Trump. “The danger is people come to believe that nobody is giving them the facts and reality, and everybody can make up their own script and their own narrative.”
Everybody can just make up their own script. Everybody! Who else should I quote?
“The story of the past half-century is the steady degradation of trust in the institutions and gatekeepers of American life,” said Ben Domenech, the founder of The Federalist, a conservative news site. “Everything from politics to faith to sports has been revealed as corrupted or corruptible. And every mismanaged war, failed hurricane response, botched investigation and doping scandal furthers this view.”
How about a plagiarist who runs a hate site? Good idea.

The whole thing is really just my full page ad in the New York Times for "why you should cancel your subscription to the New York Times."