Wednesday, January 29, 2020

But They've Been Talking About This For Years

I don't know the truth of this or what it really means, but if a relatively small amount of money spent on Facebook (for example) is the key to winning an election, perhaps best to spend some money on facebook instead of complaining to the Facebook Hall Monitors (facebook is bad, delete it, but you go to the elections with the evil ad surveillance systems you have...).
Democrats and Republicans agree that the Trump campaign is far ahead of the Democratic Party in the use of this technology, capitalizing on its substantial investment during the 2016 election and benefiting from an uninterrupted high-tech drive since then.

Republicans “have a big advantage this time,” Ben Nuckels, a Democratic media consultant said in a phone interview. “They not only have all the data from 2016 but they have been building this operation into a nonstop juggernaut.”
I think these stories are never quite right, but...