Sunday, January 05, 2020

Not My Problem

Looking at what's going on in Australia and the reactions of the Prime Minister (I know little about Australia or Australian politics) I'm struck by people who want to be in charge of everything but don't actually want responsibility for anything. Obviously nobody wants to take *blame* for everything, but there's a level of understanding that if you're in charge you're in charge that some people don't seem to have. I don't mean brain worm addled dunces like Trump. Of course he's like that. I mean other people who put themselves into positions of power where they have to make The Big Decisions and don't just deflect blame (a bad if not entirely abnormal response) but seem to disavow the idea that they have any power or responsibility at all.

I get the people who go into politics for the grift. It's a potentially lucrative career. But most jobs in politics don't actually involve that kind of responsibility. Some do, and people who seem to have no interest in that pursue them anyway. It's bizarre.