Friday, January 31, 2020


Britain is free at last, free at last.
This is why some festivities will be even more raucous than the one in Parliament Square. Tory MP Andrew Rosindell explained his party in Romford will involve British singing and British food “and English sparkling wine – nothing French or German”.

That’s the spirit of friendship we’ve been promised, in which our independence creates a new spirit of harmony with our European neighbours, which we can celebrate like PROPER British people, not these Metropolitan traitors who eat European shite like pizza and have wine from places that know nothing about wine, like France. This is PROPER wine made from baked beans and Tizer.

He also displayed his optimistic youthful outlook when he demanded the BBC mark the event by playing “God Save the Queen” before it shuts down each night. This might not have the impact he hopes for, as the BBC hasn’t shut down at night since 1997, but that shows how out of touch the liberal whining BBC has become, deliberately showing programmes all night so it doesn’t have to play the national anthem before shutting down.

Other public figures have added to the national jollity, by making speeches that start with: “We are now in a position to heal the wounds of a divided nation, by coming together to tell the 16 million posh, traitorous, elite, sneering arse-wipes, ‘HAAA HAAAAA GET OVER IT, how DARE you express the slightest tinge of unease, you collaborator.’”
I know this is a bit hard for Americans to understand, instinctively seduced by slightly posh accents, but the Tories are dumber than Republicans, the "objective media" (basically the BBC) is even more in the tank for Tories, and the Sensible Centrists are more actively destructive than Jon Chait and Claire McCaskill ever were.

Generational stolen valor is my latest "amusement."
The age group that voted in the greatest numbers for Brexit were those between 65 and 75, so now the greatest generation this country ever produced can get on with the job of insisting they didn’t fight in the war to be told what to do by Europe, even though they were born 10 years after the war ended.

And this goes to show how patriotic they are; they were willing to fight Hitler even after he was already dead.