Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Important Things

I don't know if people are dumb or just see opportunity for infinite graft or both.
(TNS) — Missouri lawmakers waded into a potentially expensive competition Monday to become the international crossroads of a mostly untested, futuristic, high-speed transportation system.

In legislation that began working its way through the Legislature Monday, tube transport systems like the hyperloop could begin qualifying for funding under a state program for public-private partnerships.

Although the long-term goal is to connect St. Louis and Kansas City with a pneumatic tube people mover that could transport passengers across the state in 30 minutes, a recent study commissioned by House Speaker Elijah Haahr recommends the state should first build a 15-mile track to test the feasibility of the concept.

How about a train that uses existing technology and can go about as fast as your fantasy technology?

Haha, oh no. That's 19th century technology and I saw this on the Jetsons.