Monday, January 20, 2020

The Smartest Guys In The Room

One thing about blogging over the years is that it made me quite confident of the fact that while I am hopefully not a total dumbdumb, there are almost always people in the room who are smarter than me, and literally everybody in the room knows more about something (many somethings) than I do.

Every now and then people who went to Harvard (or similar) (#notallpeoplewhowenttoharvardorsimilar) say something which makes it pretty clear that it is at best difficult for them to comprehend that people who didn't go to school near Boston might be smart and know some things.

Really the combination of not being a total fuckup as a teenager, doing well on a test at age 16, and having the right parents and guidance counselors during those years should not be seen as the primary measure of the merit of people, especially like 40 years later. And yet...