Thursday, January 16, 2020

Two Sides

We can debate/discuss precisely why it is, but nobody can doubt that if President Obummer were doing so much crimeing that a) the Dems would want to remove him from office and b) the coverage from the "objective" press, the lefty press, and (haha obviously) the conservative press would be completely different. Perhaps a) explains b), and that's probably what the "objective" press tells themselves, that they can't take a side as long as there are two sides, but also that's ridiculous.

Also THE OPINION SIDE IS DIFFERENT THAN THE NEWS SIDE and the editorial boards have been not exactly been falling all over themselves to support removal from office. Some have.

I'm not sure why press coverage requires the approval of Susan Collins (and that wouldn't be enough either) to just cover things as they are, but that seems to be the case.