Friday, February 28, 2020

Can You Provide A Means of Payment

A country where they ask you for a credit card as they're considering wheeling you in for heart surgery from the emergency room is not one that can handle any kind of epidemic.

All props to individuals and institutions who make it work better than this, but as a system... It just can't be done, my friends.

I have no idea if this will be a real epidemic or if it'll just fizzle out soon, but if it fizzles the lessons we will learn are... precisely zero. DC brains just can't even handle what needs to be done, which is not a sliding income-based scale of vaccine affordability, with tax advantaged vaccine savings accounts and vaccine empowerment zones for urban areas.

If there is an epidemic and any sort of vaccine available, even an imperfect one, you have to get it to 300 million people. Now. You set up vaccine administration stations everywhere. Schools, malls, offices, everywhere. I don't know you have strictly have to make it compulsory - probably, though that might be more trouble - but you go door to door with it.

This is a massive problem which would require the entire weight of the state, not some argument about WHETHER FREE VACCINES ARE SOCIAMALISM. It isn't like "oh, well, give up your iphone to get your vaccine, peasant." It's "save civilization."

And the people who run the country - and not just the Trumpkins - have no idea.

Details: Pelosi and Schumer said in their joint statement that additional funding Congress grants to the Trump administration to combat the coronavirus must include the following provisions:

The president cannot transfer these new funds to anything other than the coronavirus and fighting infectious diseases;
Vaccines are affordable and available to all that need it
People got no money. What the fuck is affordable? I suppose an 18 page form on a broken website should answer the question, as long as you filed your taxes in a timely fashion!

Humanity died because DC Wonks spent 6 months coming up with a Rube Goldberg machine to make sure the sons of billionaires had to pay for their vaccines. NO FREE COLLEGE OR VACCINES FOR BILLIONAIRES.