Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Can't Wait

This is going to be hilarious.
Here are some things we know — and don’t know — about the people mover, occasionally referred to as the “Las Vegas Loop.”
■ The vehicles using the tunnels will be self-driving ones made from Tesla chassis. The largest vehicle will hold 16 passengers. What we don’t know is how many vehicles will be a part of the system and their capacity.
■ The system will have stops at the two endpoints and an underground station near where the North and Central halls converge. But how will passengers queue to get on board? No details of the loading process have been provided as yet.
■ LVCVA President and CEO Steve Hill has said that, during extremely busy times, several vehicles may be loaded simultaneously and platooned through the tunnel, almost like an unconnected subway train. How will that be managed? How closely behind the lead vehicle will others be, and how fast will the vehicles go?