Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Do Something

At some point, the idea that government should do something for "people," broadly defined, was characterized as being borderline, if not actual, corruption, while funneling taxpayer money to rich people and corporations on the off chance they'd create JAYYYYUUUUUBS or some shit became the Very Serious Role Of Government. Just make life easier, instead of harder. That isn't, actually, hard. The rube goldberg mechanisms in place for anything which comes close to helping people are hard, except for the crazy people who love the idea of choosing their health plan online annually during some narrow time window from a confusing nonfunctioning web site.

Retreating behind the claim that "oh wow no one in charge actually has any power" should be rendered impossible by recent events. But, hey, gotta restore those norms!
The next Democratic president must be poised to seize any opportunity. They should be ready to exercise every last scrap of authority to improve the lives of the American people instead of fussing about propriety and appearances, or pretending the world's most powerful office is hemmed in on every side.
If I were planning to run as a Republican against a Democratic incumbent in 2024 I'd already be rehearsing my "do nothing president" scripts. Sure some of that will be because of obstruction, but a good bet, depending on who that Dem incumbent will be, is that they won't come close to using the power they have. Prove me wrong!