Friday, February 07, 2020

Don't Put Me In Charge Of Anything

I'm well aware of my limitations. Perhaps there isn't much value being the guy who sits in the corner at meetings and occasionally pipes up "that's really bad idea," but that's my value and I don't think being good at that means I should get to run everything.

Running things is hard, for but most things "mostly done" or "good enough" is, well, good enough. Not so for commercial jet liners or (with less tragic consequences, probably) one time voting systems for the Iowa caucus. You have to be good at your job and also recognize that importance of what you are doing.

All this "oh no ACRONYM had nothing to do with Shadow which we launched I mean invested in I mean heard about oh no that person in the next desk doesn't work for Shadow hahaaha how did that our address get on that form" shows a group of people more concerned with ass covering than getting things done.

You done fucked up. Resign from this career and move on.