Monday, February 17, 2020

Eugenics Is Good Now

I don't want to overly downplay a real issue, but "Labour is filled with anti-Semites" has been a dominant UK narrative for years now even though anyone who cares about even being a little bit honest knows that whatever real problems exist on The Left and in institutional Labour, it's hilariously trivial compared to a political moment that has at its core racism, with a prime minister with a rather long record of being, well, REALLY FUCKING RACIST.

And now.
Mr Sabiksy has also come under fire for previously stating that much of the ‘hue and cry’ against female genital mutilation ‘looks more like a moral panic’. He also suggested that giving children mental performance-enhancing drugs, which pose a serious risk to life, is probably worth ‘a dead kid once a year’. The Cambridge graduate also advocates for eugenics, which aims to improve the genetic quality of the population by excluding certain groups judged to be ‘inferior’.

Jeremy Corbyn is the real racist, though.