Saturday, February 15, 2020

He's Better Than Trump!@!!@&^*$^#

Honestly I'm pretty sure a random person plucked from Mar-A-Lago would be better than Trump. Trump is quite possibly America's worst human whose only saving graces as president is that he's incompetent and has the attention span of look squirrel.

There's a Dem primary with a bunch of Democrats. Some decent ones dropped out in part because they were not allowed to be in the debates at various stages. Some aren't my faves, but really aside from Mayor Pete I'm okay with them.

Then along comes the billionaire just showering money on everyone and tweeting mean things at Trump, which is the best way to capture the hearts of The Resistance, apparently.

Suddenly lots of people are talking about how Bloomberg is great and also we have to nominate him because he's the BEST CHANCE TO DEFEAT Trump which might be true if the way to win elections was to tweet good. I suspect this might be true by 2024, but is still not yet true.

Bloomberg is bad for lots of reasons, and one of them is PEOPLE SHOULD NOT BE SO WILLING TO EMBRACE A BILLIONAIRE WHO IS BUYING (not just ads, but people) THE ELECTION WITH HIS ABSURD FORTUNE. I mean, ok, sure, if it's BLOOMBERG OR TRUMP I'll choose Bloomberg, but why are people establishing this as the choice? It's absurd. The only person who can beat an asshole (fake, I know) billionaire is another asshole billionaire? Broken brains everywhere.