Wednesday, February 26, 2020


This blog (meaning me) used to be a lot more uncivil. I didn't just mellow and get nice with old age or sell out to the man (the man won't offer!). Incivility, the online equivalent of screaming, was the only way to hope to be heard at a time when, for example, we were about to go kill a million people and the only guy on TV who thought that was a bad idea got fired. Gotta scream when you aren't handed a microphone. I "scream" a bit less now that, for whatever the media's current flaws, there are actually more people to the left of Evan Bayh on the television and in the funny papers. "Trump is bad" is not framed as a hugely controversial borderline treasonous opinion in a way that "George Bush is bad" actually was. The Kids Today won't remember everyone (politicians, media figures) leaping to salute (literally or metaphorically) MY PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH every chance they got.