Sunday, February 16, 2020

One Big Grift

One problem is that it's Trump so LOL NOTHING MATTERS, but another issue is that due to the support of elites and our chattering classes generally, education grifts have become as acceptable as $50 billion planes that don't fly.
When USA TODAY started investigating Reagan last month, myriad issues appeared.

Links on the college’s website to register for classes led to 404 error pages. No students or graduates could be found on LinkedIn or Facebook.

The college’s only appearance on Twitter: Two people posted a picture of Ghanaian politician receiving an honorary degree from the college. The official had been accused of having a fake doctoral degree by an electoral commission in Ghana, although he denied it.

The faculty were also difficult to locate. USA TODAY contacted several people with the same names and education credentials as those listed as faculty on the university’s website. Four of them taught at different universities and said they had never worked at Reagan. Many listed were entirely absent from the internet, lacking personal websites and LinkedIn profiles — common features for academics.

This is gibberish, but it's what the "learn to code" crowd believes.
The education secretary wants to cut back the rules governing accreditation. Fewer regulations could allow colleges to implement new training programs swiftly to fill holes in the workforce, she says — an approach cheered by for-profit colleges like the ones accredited by ACICS.