Thursday, February 13, 2020

Our Brand Is Incompetence

I don't know the players, but the point I keep trying to make is that there's a big problem with a system that involves putting people who have no experience actually running things in charge of running things. And no I'm not saying "run the government like you would run a business" because the people who say that kind of thing are either themselves or talking about celebrity CEO-types who haven't run things in 40 years - not really - if they ever did. By "running things" I mean having tasks to complete and making sure they get completed. Not doing CNBC hits and figuring out how to scam people into investing in your internet connected juicer. The business world, at least the part we hear about on teevee, lacks people who are capable of running things, also, too.

We all got in the habit of making "managerial training" type things a punchline, but being a good manager is actually difficult and the elite path through life doesn't actually provide much training for it.