Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Brought To You By The People Who Brought You 2016

And they did such a good job. Huzzah.

8 months of Joe talking about his "good friends, the Republicans" as they're trying to put his son in jail and The Resistance wondering why their favorite newspaper, The New York Times, is running with bullshit on the front page every single day because nobody remembers that "but her emails" is a criticism of that newspaper.

Joe's gonna malaprop and gaffe every 5 minutes - mostly harmless, of course - and people are going to be very confused when this is more important than the 3 years of president brain worms barely speaking English.

Yes the media is going to be bullshit to any Democratic candidate, but some people understand this and some people think their best friend was somehow to blame.

No it isn't over.