Monday, March 16, 2020

Only Nixon Can Go To China

Trump is the exception because he's crazy and evil and has brain worms, but it is actually true that in a normal economics crisis moment, having Republicans in charge isn't necessarily all bad. Or at least maybe it used to be not all bad. They were never good, but they weren't always quite this dumb. Mostly this is because Democrats will let Republicans do things that Republicans won't let Democrats do (also there won't be endless media debates about ZOMG SOCIALISM), and it's somewhat because too many Democrats actually believe the bullshit many Republicans just pretend to believe.

In any case, unless "haha false alarm no one's getting sick actually" starts happening in a couple of days (not very likely), things being shut is going to persist for months not weeks. Goosing the banking system isn't really going to help, but it's all we know how to do.