Thursday, March 19, 2020

Sausage Being Made

Despite some noises that suggested maybe the response to this would be *slightly* better than pessimistic me assumed, it appears we're likely to... not get anything like that. Happy to be wrong!

Someone (sorry, internet brain, I forget) said this was the first "service led recession." As in, usually the job losses start in the sectors of people with slightly higher paying jobs, and those initial job losers have a bit more of a cushion (in general) for a variety of reasons including, but certainly not limited to, more straightforward eligibility for unemployment insurance compensation. Now we're having almost all the service sector and gig worker jobs destroyed overnight.

The best solution is complicated, and there is no complete "turn back the clock to two months ago" solution, but what social safety net we have and what "obvious" policies the lanyards in DC have been tweaking for decades are not going to be anywhere close to enough. And I'm just talking about the economy, not the mounting case and death counts.

Yes, journalists, we know "Washington" is broken. That guy Washington, not so good at his job! But the only thing that's gonna save your jobs, too, and perhaps your lives, are the craziest of the crazy ideas coming from the hippiest hippies in the House.

Over to you, Senator Graham, oh wise amigo.