Saturday, March 21, 2020

The Hippies Tried To Tell You

Michael Bloomberg is a bad man, and bad in ways which would've betrayed almost any claim the Democrats had anything to offer other than "not Trump." The only thing he brought to the table was being not Trump and having a lot of dragon treasure, and some brain addled people convinced themselves that somehow we needed that dragon treasure, either to buy new boats from our Bloomberg 2020 campaign salaries, or to beat Trump. I don't know how "vote blue no matter who" (please stop saying that) morphed into GOTTA SUPPORT BLOOMBERG before he'd won a primary (congrats, guy, on American Samoa), but it made Amy Klobuchar want to throw staplers at Pete Buttigieg.

LOL he promised to pay his staff until November, fired them all, took away their health insurance in the middle of a pandemic, and is going back on his promise to NO MATTER WHAT spend huge sums of money supporting the Democratic candidate not named Bernie Sanders.

You don't collect and hide that much treasure under the mountain by being the kind of guy that actually pays his bills.