Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The Office Of The Preznit

One problem with coverage of Trump is that all journalists know he is a blithering idiot (at best) but feel the need to cover him "normally," which they have wrongly interpreted as "cover him as if he is normal" not "cover him as they would normally cover a president if he was a blithering idiot." When the president goes on the teevee and reporters pretend we are supposed to take him seriously even though wink wink nudge nudge ignore the lunatic, not everybody gets the secret message. If the president says it on the teevee and journalists repeat it and lots of other people in authority repeat it, it must be true.
The name "chloroquine" resonated with the man's wife, who asked that her name not be used to protect the family's privacy. She'd used it previously to treat her koi fish.

"I saw it sitting on the back shelf and thought, 'Hey, isn't that the stuff they're talking about on TV?'"

The couple — both in their 60s and potentially at higher risk for complications of the virus — decided to mix a small amount of the substance with a liquid and drink it as a way to prevent the coronavirus.

"We were afraid of getting sick," she said.