Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Resistance

I know I should be more specific, but a large industry has grown up around promising to gullible but well-meaning liberals on the internet that, essentially, The Marshal of the Supreme Court is about to arrest Trump. Mueller is coming. His latest gaffe will doom his presidency. Boy he really stepped in it now! It fits too well into the general favored strategy of Democrats to sit back and let the other side keep stepping on rakes and then the people will finally wise up. Somehow the problem will take care of itself. Committed Dems are distracted by the inevitable deus ex machina of this dumb play, and Dems think they can coast into election without actually having to do a damn thing.

Corpses might make the case that Trump is doing a bad job. Enough of them. But that isn't something to hope for. Maybe hurry up and figure out that lighting problem.