Friday, March 27, 2020

Their Fault

One thing too few remember about Katrina was it wasn't just incompetence, but extreme racism. I don't mean extreme racism of Fox News, or the Bush administration. I mean of basically the entire media. New Orleans was treated as *too dangerous for the national guard to enter safely* because there were black people there, and when they weren't looting big screen TVs (a sensible thing to do in several feet of water), they were killing whitey. News coverage was dominated by accounts of crime in the Superdome. It was just *too dangerous to help people.*

You couldn't blame people for a hurricane, precisely, but you could blame them for the fact that you just couldn't help them. It was, ultimately, their fault. Easy to do with the racism, as that's standard stuff in this country.

But a hurricane hits a location. The virus is going to go everywhere. So, good luck places the president likes! He doesn't like any place, actually, and he isn't going to like you, either, when you make his numbers look bad.