Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Thursday Is New Jobless Day

Haha it's only Tuesday, I know (I think), but we're going to get another insane number on Thursday. And another insane number the following week, though maybe not quite as insane. And on and on.

Everybody in "Washington" thinks the Obama administration (just ask them!) did a great job getting us out of the Great Recession. Even leaving aside some of the particular horrors they inflicted on large numbers of individuals with their strategy of slowing, not stopping, foreclosures, they did a horrible job. Long timers might remember the Scariest Jobs Chart Ever, which just documented how long employment took to get back to pre-recession levels, compared to various other notable events, such as The Great Depression. And, folks, no malarkey, it was not good. It took a long fucking time! 75 months!

The "good guys" are the people who pat themselves on the back for that performance, and the bad guys are Trump and the other monsters in the Republican party.

Folks, no malarkey, it is not going to be good!