Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Yaas Kween

The part of any stimulus directed at "normal" people is going to be less than couch quarters to any actually rich people, who are going to, as a class, benefit so much by *every other part of any stimulus bill that goes through.* And even relatively well off people are going to find their current situation not necessarily well predicted by their tax year 2019 income. It's really easy to make rich people pay their fair share for anything, and that's to tax them. Make it taxable income for higher tax brackets. Easy. Done. Any hurdles created by means testing on the benefits side are just going to, as with everything else, make sure that many "deserving" people don't get the money.

But really at the moment even Eric Trump can have 2000 bucks. Who gives a shit?

OK maybe not Eric Trump. But just him.