Monday, April 20, 2020

Did You Hear Donald Trump Was Bad?

I don't think "The American People" are all aware of Trump's most nefarious shenanigans, and depending on how they get their news (if you were a snooty liberal who only read the New York Times about politics you'd be clueless) they don't even necessarily know the full horror of his daily clown show, but it isn't as if he's a big mystery. "Get a load of this guy!" isn't going to push the needle. People got a load of him.

And the Celestial Hall Monitors aren't going to do it either. People regularly complain that the press should emphasize something they aren't, such as TRUMP STEALING MEDICAL SUPPPLIES. And they're right. The press is fully capable of choosing to give flood the zone coverage even if a political actor isn't pushing them to do it. But there's a reason Lindsey Graham does a daily hissy fit, and why any time anything happens Republicans screech. They make sure the press talks about what they want to talk about that day.

I don't know why Joe Biden wants to center the discussion in China. Every DC Brain (morning Joseph) went swoony swoony over that racist ad. But racism aside, I mean, oh wow, China's government is corrupt, dishonest, and incompetent! What must it be like, to have such a government! I'm certainly not going to vote for Xi in November now!

And it isn't just about November. We need a bit more leadership about today. People are, like, dying, and the news isn't going to be much better 2 months from now or 4 months from now, even if precisely why the news is bad will change somewhat.