Sunday, April 05, 2020

Herd Immunity

Boris is in the hospital.
Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital with coronavirus after suffering persistent symptoms for 10 days.


The Guardian was told last week that Johnson was more seriously ill than either he or his officials were prepared to admit, and that he was being seen by doctors who were concerned about his breathing.

But Downing Street flatly denied that the prime minister’s health had seriously deteriorated, and insisted there were no plans at that point for him to be admitted to hospital.

Earlier on Sunday, Matt Hancock was asked just how ill the prime minister was. The health secretary told Sophy Ridge on Sunday: “He’s OK. I’ve been talking to him every day, several times a day… he’s very much got his hand on the tiller. But he’s still got a temperature.” He added: “He’s working away inside Downing Street. He’s in good spirits.”
I only play a doctor on teevee, but a temperature after almost 10 days...