Friday, April 17, 2020

It's So Easy

Trump's brain mush is a convoluted mess. I mean, let's be honest, Andrew Cuomo fucked up initially and now "everyone" loves him because he stopped fucking up and took the problem seriously and went on teevee and projected that he took the problem seriously. If that mushmaze of blame deflection functioned just a bit better then Trump could have done the same. Oh boy, people, we have a problem! The biggest! We're going to fix it! Make some phone calls to some semi competent people, have them do stuff semi-competently and then take credit for it. 70% approval rating because Democrats are suckers for a guy pretending to take charge. At any moment he still could have blamed everybody else. He is Trump! But, you know, not bet the farm (we are the farm) on a "miracle drug" that causes heart attacks and not much else. Just do some competent stuff.