Monday, April 13, 2020

Mafia of the Medicore

I keep coming back to this point because after 20 years of watching our supergenius elites largely being dumb (I am dumb, too, that is fine, but I do not run the country or write for the New York Times), it occurs to me that this is bad. A completely made up set of numbers is that 20% of students who attend a school near Boston are pretty damn smart, 20% are Jared Kushner, and 60% are mostly fairly typical children of privilege who managed to do reasonably well on a test they took when they were about 16. With lots of help from parents and college counselors and essay writing coaches to tart up their dossiers, and with a little luck (and often a little 'help' like being legacies), they managed to get the golden ticket to Harvard. Aside from this final lottery win they are otherwise identical to that same set of students you can find at 40 other colleges and universities. There's nothing magic about the education you receive at Harvard. More than that, it is almost certainly inferior to the education that a determined student can get numerous other places.

I just point and laugh these days because the people who rule us are stupid, and I don't just mean the Trump inner circle. I am stupid, also, too, as I said, but I don't run the damn country or think I should.