Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Referees, I Would Like To Appeal That Ruling

Every day Trump does his show. Every day people complain that the networks are just broadcasting his bullshit live even though it's killing people. Some journalists pretend that every time the president wishes it's the law that they broadcast him (this is not a rule and it certainly was not a rule when Barry Obummer was president), and some journalists understand that this is bad. But, whatever. I agree they shouldn't be broadcasting him but it isn't as if doing so is indefensible. And, frankly, I'd prefer people actually watch the shitshow than have the New York Times explain to them what happened, because that coverage is always much much worse (really, just go read the latest).

But the opposition party needs to oppose. You can't expect the neutral moderators, especially given our dumb conventions of journalism, to do the work for you. Maybe I've missed Dems trying to get on teeve, or Biden trying to do a regular response, or whatever, and being shut out, but if they aren't willing to step up, Wolf Blitzer ain't gonna do it for them.