Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Rules Are Made To Be Exploited By People Who Have People To Do That

For a variety of reasons - including but not limited to the fact that My President is corrupt as fuck a genius businessman - even the tiniest hurdles placed in front of "normal people" getting any sort of crisis money, especially when that money is a laughably small $1200, were going to reduce the help that provision would provide. It was absurd that our great Democratic leaders spent 5 minutes worrying about the shape of the trapezoid, but they did. Anything short of "aim the money bazooka at everybody" was going to ensure that the money bazooka was going to be targeted even more at rich people than was inevitably going to be the case anyway.

Democrats are not powerless. Supergenius superlegislator extraordinaire YASS KWEEN can do no wrong Nancy Pelosi runs the House of Representatives. And boy did they fuck this one up. And they are dumb and will continue to be dumb and while I don't think yelling at them on the internet is likely to help it's more likely to help than making jokes about my sweet big wet boy Donald Drumpf.