Friday, April 17, 2020

Strong And Weak

Guys, I don't think this is really the issue now but you do you do...
What they're saying: The DNC's War Room writes in the memo that it's an understatement to call Trump weak on China and that he "rolled over in a way that has been catastrophic for our country" and "put himself and his political fortunes first."
A sensible rethink of everything China that has been largely a bipartisan thing for 2 decades is in order, but arguing about who has the biggest balls on the issue is not really the right thing at the moment. Also Trump is killing people and stealing all the money so, "Nuh-huh Biden is way tougher on the chi-coms than Trump!!!!" is...not the way to go.

These issue are always:

But Dems are desperate to prove they are The Real Tough Guys which they usually do by appointing GOP Daddies to all the Tough Guy positions. I know this makes no sense, but...

...and what pareene said: