Sunday, April 05, 2020

Sunday Flashback

The 9/11 era.
One thing about that time was how much Official DC thought they were the central actors in this story.
The problem is that we are at war. We are at war with terrorists, and undoubtedly we will be in a war with Iraq in the near future -- which will only compound the danger. People are talking of nothing else. Scratch the surface, and enormous unease -- if not fear -- exists everywhere in the country. The fear is even greater in Washington, a designated target city.
Little known thing was that fear meters were established in every location, and you could get a measurement of the amount of fear, and it was greater in Washington.

Ridge should direct mayors (especially D.C. Mayor Tony Williams) to designate neighborhood facilities or hospitals where people can go for shelter, medical care and supplies. People should be told what to do in case there is an outbreak of smallpox and where to go to be vaccinated. Ridge should talk about the effects of sarin, ricin, anthrax and other agents that require different antidotes and what to do about them.

Ridge should tell us what medicines we need. Should people have iodine tablets, which would prevent thyroid problems in case of radiological attack? What about atropine shots to combat the effects of certain nerve agents? He should designate evacuation routes, and they should be clearly marked. Perhaps people could be advised to have bicycles for evacuation or, for those who live near water, inflatable kayaks. People should be told that the Metro system is particularly vulnerable. Metro riders should have N95 masks.
We were all preppers then. I suppose a mask stockpile would come in handy right about now.

Ridge should tell the nation that it is our patriotic duty, our duty as responsible citizens, to be as fully prepared as possible. A large portion of the population is in denial. Those people need to understand that they can do things to save their lives and the lives of their families. Ridge should schedule as many news conferences as needed to update Americans about new information, and he should withhold nothing that will not compromise national security. He should tell us what precautions are being taken for high-ranking officials and their families and for those who work in government buildings. Many are putting in filtration systems and other devices. We should be hearing from Ridge himself, not a variety of spokespeople. We want to know that the highest homeland security officer is telling us the truth. Trust is of the utmost importance. And so is one voice.
We need the truth, that WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE.

A funny way to identify Sally Quinn:
Sally Quinn is a reporter for The Post.