Friday, April 24, 2020

The Paper Of Record

There was once the archetype of the snooty UES intellectual who would only get their daily news from the New York Times, the paper of record. No TV news, certainly no cable news, no tabloids, and there was no internet. All the news that's fit to print, dropped on your doorstep before your morning coffee. That person would have a more warped and distorted view of Trump than anybody else in the country. A perfectly normal person who did things like "read Trump's tweets" or "watch his daily news conference" would sound like an absolutely insane person to this hypothetical New York Times reader. MAGAs are more informed than this person, because they actually watch their leader in action.

Stop giving this fucking money newspaper. It's long loved killing people, but usually mostly foreigners.

Yes I know there are OTHER things in the paper that are good, but all news is subordinate to the political desk these days. I don't know why.