Tuesday, April 07, 2020

What If They Have No Friends Or Loved Ones

At least not in the way that those concepts are commonly understood. The standard line is that conservatives only understand a problem when it affects them personally, and "personally" is understood to include their families and small social circle.

But lots of people hate/are hated by their families, or at best for men (who mostly run things) especially their wives tend to take care of all of that, and it's well understood that older men, especially, tend not to have any friends.

Someone joked that what even conservatives don't get is that when Sean Hannity gets hauled off to the ICU to take his last agonizing breaths due to coronavirus, Laura Ingraham will be on teevee two days later laughing about it and explaining why it is his fault. Probably a bit harsh, and not quite true, but...

The point I'm making is... what if a lot of them really are sociopaths?