Sunday, April 12, 2020

You Have To Admit They Have A Point

The Frost quote is that liberals are too broadminded to take their own side in an argument, but this is a silly conceit that lets too many of them off the hook by camoflauging their actual beliefs in a kind of high minded charitable intellectualism. There were 2 years when Obama had a supermajority that Democrats are unlikely to repeat. 2 years is perhaps not enough time in our system to pass my set of fantasy legislation, but it is certainly enough time to slip a bunch of little things into budget bills like, say, removing the requirement that the post office prefund its retirement for 75 years.

Everyone's gonna claim to love the post office now, but destroying it wasn't just a conservative thing!

There's a legal term related to consumer product use, particularly cars, called "predictable abuse." If you make something that people are inevitably going to use in an unsafe fashion by virtue of its design, it doesn't matter what your instructions say. It's on you. "Don't throw a lawn dart straight up in the air." Sure.

The same is true with a lot of policy.

Why don't we privatize the post office!

[post office privatized, not so bad maybe]

[conservatives come to power, destroy post office after trying to sabotage it for decades]

I didn't mean like that! ah, well, nevertheless.