Monday, May 11, 2020

Give Bill Barr A Chance

I suppose the precedent of "arresting everyone involved with the past administration and throwing them in jail without bail" isn't *entirely* a bad one...
DIGENOVA: And you realize that everybody at the senior FBI and DOJ levels was in on it. And what's really fascinating is when you go back and you look at that January 5th meeting, 2017, in the Oval Office with all the intelligence community leaders -- the vice president, Sally Yates, Comey, Brennan, and Susan Rice, the president of the United States at that meeting, Barack Obama, is discussing the ongoing investigations into the Trump campaign, the interregnum, the transition, and the upcoming presidency. And says in that meeting according to Susan Rice, he wants to be kept informed so he can help decide whether or not they're going to withhold classified information from the incoming administration involving Russia. That is sedition.


DIGENOVA: That is beyond anything we've ever heard about a president leaving office, doing to his successor. What Obama did in that office was sedition on that day. And I must say, these people are ballsy. McCord and others, screaming about the ways their actions are being misinterpreted.


DIGENOVA: And do you know why they're screaming? Because there's a conspiracy indictment coming down the track. I don't mean that Mary McCord is going to be indicted, but if you read the motion to dismiss, which the government filed, it reads like an indictment. And the reason it reads like an indictment is that it's going to be part of an indictment.

COGLIANESE: Excellent.