Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Just Put The Cash On The Table

I've long said that we pretend our political system isn't corrupt - but other countries have corrupt systems - by defining away corruption. But what Trump has brought is the basic "give the bossman your money" politics which has been kind of obscured if not eliminated from federal politics for decades.

It's wrong, dangerous, threatens to bring the country down, and also is *incredibly easy for voters to understand.* "Stealing too much copier paper from the office" is often the kind of scandal that brings people down because it's simple to understand. *Stealing medical supplies to give to your friends to resell them for vast profits in the middle of a pandemic* is almost as simple and also deadly.

If only Democrats ran the House.

And the point isn't simply "hold them accountable" though of course it is that. Is it to MAKE THEM STOP.