Sunday, May 17, 2020


We have these moments when repeating dumb but obvious things seems so, well, dumb, but necessary because somehow everyone is either dumb or pretending to be dumb within the ridiculous perceived boundaries of "objective journalism."

There is no "going back to normal" and "recovery" until this mostly or completely goes away. And, who knows, maybe my big wet boy is correct and this will all just go away magically somehow. Assuming that's not the case, some portion of the population is going to drastically curtail their "economic" activities, due to the fact that they are poor and because risking their lives to go to Applebees or a movie theater probably doesn't seem like such a great idea, at least not as often.

You can do smart things to hasten "going back normal" or at least more normal, but the feds certainly aren't. You can do smart things to cushion the economic damage, both ongoing and in preparing for the future. You can figure out how to make adjustments to make life in a pandemic more normal. But no matter what is done, some people are just going to stay home, no matter how many "GO SHOPPING" commercials you run.