Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Yelling At Them On The Internet

There isn't much point at yelling at Trump and Republicans on the internet. They don't care what I think. Also, too, you all know that Trump sucks. I don't have to remind you. Occasionally this mighty blog can help by yelling at media figures, and occasionally by yelling at Democrats.
The fact that Biden came out strongly against the Trump White House’s floating of a proposal to have people draw today on future Social Security earnings, while at the same time Summers protégé and campaign adviser Natasha Sarin recently co-authored an academic paper with the same idea, shows the push and pull between Biden’s instincts and the policy advice that he’s getting. Late on Tuesday, Sarin renounced her position in a Bloomberg op-ed, stating that "tapping Social Security would be a big mistake." This gives at least some hope that Biden's expressed views are filtering down to his advisers, and that outside pressure (Sarin was getting an earful on social media) works.
Clapping louder rarely achieves anything. Sorry Tinkerbell.