Friday, June 05, 2020

Brand Bari

Such fun.
Another person asked: "Can you explain the justification of the policy limiting newsroom and business employees' use of social media to report on internal matters to the Times, but which does not extend to opinion? I asked because I am appalled at the comments shared by Bari Weiss yesterday, which openly bad mouths her younger newsroom colleagues on a platform where they, because of strict company policy, could not defend themselves. Is it appropriate for a New York Times columnist to directly and publicly insult Times staff? Is it appropriate for the Times to profit from the engagement and followers that Bari Weiss’s insults generate? What accountability is there for an Opinion staffer like her? Will she be fired? Additionally, she was insulting to all of our foreign correspondents who have actually reported from civil wars."

Sulzberger said he hoped everyone could get along and passed the question to Bennet:

"On behalf of my colleagues and myself, I'm offended by those tweets and feel betrayed by the bad judgment in a moment when people are already feeling upset. I feel like they contributed, they did contribute as is reflected in the question, by making people feel even more upset. And that's not the kind of culture that I think we should have. We’re looking into the question of whether these particular tweets violate the guidelines and we've been in consultation with editors who maintain the standards on those questions. We don't have a resolution to that yet.”