Monday, June 08, 2020

Cops Lie

About everything it seems.
The conclusion many drew was that the cops had written the cards themselves and staged an outpouring of thanks during a moment of unprecedented unpopularity for law enforcement. Naturally, we reached out to Austin’s public information office:

“Many of you have inquired about the cards that were posted on our social media pages,” Austin PD wrote to Gizmodo. “The cards were from several community members to include kindergartners and Austin families, who wanted to show support for APD officers. Two people, who organized delivering the cards in person, addressed the envelopes with a “Thank you,” so our officers would open the notes to receive encouragement during these difficult times. That is why the front of the envelopes appear to have the same handwriting.” All the letters were, APD stated, delivered at the same time this past Thursday.

The inclusion of “kindergarteners” is suspect. Texas schools were ordered to close for the remainder of the 2020 academic year by state governor Greg Abbott in mid-April. There are no kindergarten classrooms open in Texas, or most of the country for that matter.
This blog post will keep me off jury duty for life in Philadelphia (not wanting that, but...).