Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Not An Expert, But Don't Think That's It

So many cops are pathological liars and local media (especially) just pass on what they are told. And so so dumb and not creative. Their imagination about playing victim is limited to minor alterations of bad attempts by other cops to manufacture victimhood.

The story is that the Starbucks worker saw the cop's card, which had a police credit union label, and decided to put a "tampon" (lol) into the frappuccino, a drink served in a clear plastic cup, to stick it to the pigs. The police union spox calls it a "disgusting assault" suggesting that not only is it a tampon, but a used tampon, which are easily accessible things your typical Starbucks workers have at arms length at all times just in case a pig shows up, instead of just a bit of absorbent material.

Also, not a tampon.