Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Obummer Plague

It was a bit hard to get the MAGA anti-lockdown protests to catch on too much, but imagine what March-May could have been like if Obama had been president. Picture a full rebellion against tyranny from the Kenyan president if the Feds tried to encourage any sort of responsible state action.

There were always mixed messages from the Feds generally and even Trump himself about whether lockdown was necessary. Sure he kept trying to blame liberal governors and pushed to OPEN FASTER, but it was hardly straightforward. Without a clear "villain" to rebel against, the response, while hyped by our media, was pretty muted.

But try to imagine Tsar Obama instituting or just encouraging a nationwide lockdown. Republican governors would have rejected anything the Feds pushed, including fully paid for testing. Large protests in any state with a Dem governor trying to do the right thing. Front page stories in that fucking newspaper dominated by the question of whether OBAMA HAD GONE TOO FAR with whatever meek encouragement they would have used to stop the country from infecting itself to death.

However "good" the Obama administration's response would have been, in theory, the backlash would have been immense.