Sunday, June 28, 2020

Two Months Until The Fall Semester Starts

As I am academic adjacent in various ways, I see all the various plans for higher ed institutions to open in one way or another. I feel for the people tasked with dealing with this, because there is no way to deal with it, really. Some are well-intentioned, some are amoral assholes, as is always the case, but generally all the plans to try to have some students on campus are basically doomed unless the virus goes away. And (looking around) I don't think the virus is going to go away (9585 8530 new cases in Florida today, for those who like to keep count).

Reduce the number of students, put all of them in single rooms, tell them to socially distance (lol). But it's going to take about 2 genuinely sick residential students, if not simply two positive tests, to shut the whole project down, no matter what fantasies they have about quarantining people if they get sick and keeping the show going. And if they get sick, you have to quarantine them, because they can't travel, and...

I'm sorry to say, you just can't do it my friends.