Thursday, June 25, 2020

When The Only Tool You Have Is A Cop

This twitter thread from a journalist arrested in Philly is a good read.

Abuses inflicted by our society - not limited to but certainly including abuses by our criminal justice system - shouldn't be OK as long as they "only" fall on the bottom rungs (race, class), but I do think a theme of the last several decades is that all this stuff is creeping up. The levels of income and status that it takes to be immune from abuses, whether from the cable company, your health insurance company, your bank, or the cops, that have been standard for some forever, keep rising.

If in the middle of All This, with cameras on and world attention directed and our very imperfect but at least not indifferent mayor and our even better district attorney saying, in various ways, cut this shit out, cops treat a mainstream reporter like this as if it's all just a joke, then it all ceases to be something that happens to "other people" but something which happens to "us."

And, no, it should not have had to take All This for that to be more widely understood, but here we are.