Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Bad Cops Bad Cops Whatcha Gonna Do

Too lazy to find it, but I remember a Dem staffer (I think Obama staffer but maybe a Senate one) complaining about his interactions with political reporters back when Mitch McConnell was refusing to consider an Obama SCOTUS nominee. Essentially, there was this rather major thing happening and reporters just wanted to know, basically, "Well what are you going to do about it?"

I do get being annoyed by that. Not everything is or needs to be covered by "One side did X, and the other side did Y." Still, well, what did they do about that? They did nothing. Obama quietly nominated Merrick Garland, a "reasonable" candidate, presumably to get points for being "reasonable," and then after being awarded those points, took them to Starbucks and with 5 bucks managed to buy a coffee.

Maybe a few sternly worded tweets and "wait for November I mean January" is the best strategy, overall. I tend to think not, but OK, I am dumb, fine. But it definitely isn't the only strategy. I don't want to hear that the House of Representatives is a powerless body, because if that's true then there isn't all that much point in trying to elect any of them. And it isn't the case that this is all just a Trump problem, and once he is gone The Good Republicans will return and The Norms will be re-established. I mean, Dick Cheney claimed he was constitutionally a fourth branch of government. Bill Barr is not a new arrival in DC.

The House controls appropriations (hey some votes are coming on that). Even if the courts are going to tie up everything having to do with the president specifically, they can make life miserable for everybody around him. They can fuck some shit up.

Even in normal times I wouldn't be a big fan of, "oh well, just gotta wait until we elect a president." But these are, well, [waves around].