Wednesday, July 01, 2020


I know "we" used to obsess about surface exposure and hand washing and the like, but haven't we basically settled on the idea that THE VIRUS IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE BODY, as in you just don't want people breathing on/near you. It's the breath, not the tray table.
Between each flight, a group of six to eight employees is already spending a half-hour cleaning the inside of the plane with paper towels and a spray bottle of Sani-Cide EX3, a broad-spectrum disinfectant. At night, 10 employees spend an hour and a half giving the plane a deep clean with the same disinfectant. Every seven to 10 days, planes are also sanitized with spray guns, which cover the walls, seats, overhead bins, and ceilings with a fast-drying disinfectant.

“The cleanliness of planes so far is better than it’s ever been before,” said Charlie Leocha, president and co-founder of Travelers United, a group that represents travelers.